Geode Agate

Geode Agate

This is an adorable pieces to add to every decor. It is known to boosts creativity and fortifies mental acuity, making it a valuable gemstone for both scholars and creative individuals. It is also recognized as a charm for good fortune. Agate principal functions is to harmonize yin and yang energies.

Small between 1'' and 2'' x 0.5'' / between 2.5cm and 5cm x 1.5cm 
Medium between 1.5'' and 2'' x 1'' / between 4cm and 5cm x 2.5cm 
Large between 2'' and 3'' x 1'' and 2'' / between 5cm and 8cm x 2.5cm and 5cm 


Note: All of our crystals are natural and forge by nature. Shape, color and size change. 

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