The layered candle

One day at a time. One step at a time.

Introducing our distinctive Layered Candle© → 3 separated scents for a deep aromatherapy discovery 

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Our remedy

  • Pausologie
    is the new remedy

  • Pausologie encourages a slower & more meaningful lifestyle by integrating small rituals throughout your day. In other words, it gives you the opportunity to create some smalls immersive experiences that transform your daily routine into more conscious moments, and your house into a warm and safe-space.

  • As desirable effects, your mind should follow and feel the need to live in the moment, be more connected with what matters and be in a reset mood immediately.

The layered candles

The home PERFUME

A story in a bottle

Home perfume with a deep & researched blend to reset your home & mindset.

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Prescribed by Pausologie

The little touches that matter

Because we believe small details can make a big difference, here a collection of some carefully selected items to make the Pausologie effect even more significant. 


Everyday is a second chance

Slowly thrifted for you, here is a small collection that regroups vintage and memorable pieces.